LUCY 2006, Flat Coated Retriever. When I worked in an office in the Locarno area, they had a 2-3 year old black FCR, his name was Woody, I loved him so much, he was always next to me while I was at my desk. After the summer holidays, I returned to work, Woody was gone, he had died due to a gambling accident, it saddened me a lot but the owner told me that Woody had covered a female and got pregnant, this was the decision to adopt a little one of my best friend, I wanted something that connected with him. And so Lucy was born on September 9th. A creature of incredible sweetness, we understand each other with looks and body language, we are one thing just me and her.

AXEL 2010, Labrador / Golden mixed. It had been a long time since I thought about giving a companion to my Lucy and so I opted for one of her similar in size and appearance to her, a puppy where she could be a little mommy. Axel was born in France on March 3th. I had spotted him in an advertisement. Another of our area had decided for his little brother, Willy, they are identical. He then came home to us, a little thug but a boy's love and today the best house you can have.

DIANTHA+ year 2012, a 7-month-old Great Dane who was looking for a home because his owner wanted to give her a better life. He used to work all day and Diantha was home alone and saw her sad. She was very well kept with all the vices any dog could wish for, but the time to devote to her was what was most important. We contacted the boy asking if he would like to visit us with his creature and take a walk with us to get to know us, he was enthusiastic about the idea and will visit us'. After a long walk with our dogs and Diantha, they seemed to have known each other forever, so we wanted to help him by adopting her. Today we are neighbors with the pre keeper and every now and then he joins in for a walk, the incredible thing is how Diantha is still so attached to him, beautiful. Diantha died on 22 September 2019, caused of complications in the digestive system.

MILTON e VERA year 2012, two Galgo arrived from Spain through a journalist who was part of a group of volunteers, helping the Spanish Galgos find a home before they were killed. She asked us if we were willing to adopt one, initially we were not enthusiastic then we agreed. From one they became two. Sister and brother.

DJANGO year 2013, a Labrador / Border Collie mixed, has a somewhat stormy past, we are the third holders. Initially it was difficult to make  him understand that he was now in a safe house. He always had his eyes on the ground and focused only on things and not people, such as stones or toys, his tail always held strangely, straight and parallel to the floor. Today he is a happy and confident dog, obedient and very nice.

DAGON, December 2012, an Alaskan Malmut, reduced to skin and bones, with sores everywhere, mange and psychologically very down in the dumps. He had been helped by the Angels 4 Animals association, by an unmentionable keeper. We stalled and took care of our friend "Lupo" by medicating him, psychic care, trained and pampered, then a nice person arrived, who adopted him and gave him a worthy life, finally offering him a welcoming home and the company of another dog . In the meantime, unfortunately, he died of various physical problems, probably due to the mistreatment of the first keeper.

TALLULAH, June 2017, Yorkshire Terrier. A long history for the love of these little creatures brought up to date, from childhood.

DYLAN, born on 24 February 2017, adopted on 7 October 2019, Yorkshire Terrier. A renunciation due to private reasons of the person caring for him.

KIWI, born on October 15, 2015, adopted October 3, 2020 due to strong problems that have arisen within the environment, Kiwi somehow could no longer manage herself, she bit and barked at everyone.  No solution was found drom the owner, which could end on the worst of the destiny. Today she lives with us to re-educate her, socialize her with other dogs, cats and people. Today she is calmer but still the stubborn and strong character remains, which is also right because this is her.