BEARDED DRAGONS, (Pogona) are all adopted by different people, who for one reason or another could no longer keep them, we have set up a 600L terrarium for females and another terrarium for males.

TURTLES, 26 Turtles (Trachemys) and 1 (Trionyx sinensis) of water of different sizes, they live in a pond during the whole year.

TORTOISE, all adopted from diffrent kind of situations, we have 5 males, and 1 female separated from each other. They live for the whole period outside, while in winter we put them some dry leaves that helps to protect from freezing.

CRESTED GECKO, (Correlophus ciliatus) Alwin, male, adopted in March 2021

CRESTED GECKO, (Correlophus ciliatus) Lincoln, male, adopted in March 2016, died 2020.

LEOPARD GECKO, (Eublepharis macularius), probably born in 2006, male, adopted in 2009 from the owner who moved abroad.

BALL PYTHON, original colors, male named EDDY, was adopted from a breeder who wanted to sell them for meal to other snakes. Born in August 2015.

ELAPHE GUTTATA albino, female named IRON, adopted in August 2016, needed a new owner due to the death of the keeper.

BALL PYTHON, original colors, female named REGINA, born in May 2011 and adopted in November 2016. from a lady who lost her husband, due to changes she had to give up several animals, including the snake.

TILIQUA, probably two females, adopted in 2014, by a shelter in German part of Switzerland, they found the two creatures in front of their door in a box, spontaneously abandoned.

UROMASTIX, born in 2010 and adopted in 2013, male named Frank, gave us by a family that could no longer keep him. Died in 2016 due to a tumor.

GUIDO, born in 2004, was adopted in 2006, he lived with a couple and two cats. He was our first reptile, but even with little experience and very little information to find, we did our best to make him feel good. One of the few males of a quiet disposition, even in the breading season he never gave any problems. Affectionate and very docile, he had a very easygoing character, but he transforms at the sight of cats, the reaction is uncontrollable, we assume it is due to the previous experience. Died on 6 July 2016.

TIM, year 2007, was adopted in 2013, we are the third holders, he lived with one of the people of our previous team, where he has always been treated very well, but has a territorial temper. He must be an Alpha male, that is to say very active and unpredictable, so the person chose to bring him to us, being she alone it was not easy to manage him. We can handle him good but with due respect and always with a watchful eye on his reactions. When he is in breeding season the situation is a bit more challenging.

KYLE, year 2010, he was adopted in 2014, he lived with a girl who did not have any experiences with reptiles, in did the creature was from her ex companion, but after the separation he was abandoned by her, he lived in a decidedly unsuitable terrarium, in fact for his age it is grown little. In the meantime, he seems like a friendly guy, even if handling him is not an easy job, he doesn't trust humans, but with patience we have already achieved very satisfactory results.

JAZIRA, 2004, she was adopted in 2012, she had two previous holders, where unfortunately, lived in too many confined spaces and little time devoted to her, her dimensions were minute, malformed and missing limbs. She had complications with spawning for physical reasons, we then proceeded to sterilize her to give her a worthy life. Died on September 16, 2016.

RANGO, adopted on 2010, deceased on 2018.

THAMNOPHIS SAURITUS, female of approx. 3 years or more, adopted in November 2017, by a person who can not currently look after her as she would like. Deceased 2019.

BALL PYTHON, original colors, male named ELAN, was brought by the protection of animals, a find in the Lugano area and recovered by the firefighters.

BALL PYTHON, original colors, female named MEDA, was brought by the animal protection, recovery by from the apartment to the death of the keeper.

EPICRATES MAURUS, female named CHLOE, age unknown, adopted on December 15 2019, from a person who has passed away and has no relatives who could care for her.

HETERODON NASICUS, probabely two males approx. 3 years old, adopted on December 29, 2019, from a owner who had to move house and going to altitudes were it was too cold.